February 4, 2009 at 2:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Whew!  Got back to the island on Sunday afternoon and I am just talking non-stop according to my hubby. The kids even looked at me weird when I came in the house.  My honey told them that he couldn’t shut me up from the airport.  I was soooo tired and sooooo sleep-deprived that just couldn’t stop talking! 

Speaking of sleep-deprived…



This is my friend and niece, Rollyn.  Don’t let her fool you with the glasses–on the first picture above, she’s actually catching some z’s at Goofy’s Kitchen and then again at the new Nemo ride at Disney.  Yep, in fact, I caught her drooling in her sleep at the Nemo ride!  LOL!  😀 

Rollyn flew all the way from the Philippines for the Winter CHA.  She’s approx. 6 months pregnant.  We had a blast and walked M-I-L-E-S around the Anaheim Convention Center during the Winter CHA from Jan 24 to Jan 28. 

I also went to see my first NBA game with Rollyn…Lakers played against Charlotte.  Charlotte won after two overtimes.  Rollyn was funny as she jumps everytime the Lakers scores.  One would think she’s not pregnant!  LOL!  🙂 

And oh, we also visited the Mouse…



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  1. tna said,

    ooohh wow! mickey mouse. kwento pa please…………..

    can’t wait for yoyin to come home for her account about CHA. hehe.

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